Wednesday, July 18, 2007

OT: Why I think William Shatner is a demigod

When you say William Shatner people think Captain James Kirk of the Enterprise. How his amazing career managed to get hidden is unbelievable. Did you know he starred in a movie with all dialog spoken in Esperanto? Did you know he recorded two studio albums (some songs with Ben Folds among others)? If you get a chance go listen to Has Been please do (here’s a live performance of Pulp / Common People from the album) . It’s an amazing album and it’s more serious than it first appears. Did you know he wrote books (yes he, not some ghost writers)? Did you all manage to not see him play Big Giant Head in 3rd rock or Danny Crane in Boston Legal? The guy even has a vlog!

Anyways – that’s all I needed to say. You're no common man and I’m your number one fan!