Tuesday, December 25, 2007

And I, for one, welcome our new robot overlords!

The best gifts are carefully chosen

Let’s say it is Christmas season and you need to buy a gift for your geeky spouse. It’s the easiest task in the world! You see, we might have grown up, became parents project managers and all that. But we’re still geeks. So turn on that dusty laptop we bought you a long time ago, google for geek toys and buy anything with robot, usb or led in the description.

The best gifts are gifts that need assembling

It appeals to our geeky nature to have to figure things out, to learn what makes stuff tick and to get a gift as a collection of parts is pure heaven. To us the assembly phase is not the means to a goal, it is the goal.

The best gifts come with “spare” parts

Nothing worries us more then parts that don’t fit. You see, missing a part is not our fault. They forgot to pack it in so it’s their fault. But parts left over from construction – now that’s pure horror. Then again – perhaps we’re so brilliant we somehow managed optimize the construction and saved on parts.

The best gifts are robots