Sunday, July 30, 2006

Implementing interfaces (IThrow)

The most important aspect of baby development is the correct and timely implementation of various interfaces in the Human.Babies namespace.

David has just implemented the IThrow interface today.

namespace Human.Babies
public interface IThrow
void Throw();

Note that the method accepts no parameters. There is no way to specify the direction, force or the object of the operation.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Aibo vs. David

I won’t even pretend I have time to blog anymore. David finaly implemented the ICrawl interface! This means a sharp decrease in time I have available to blog (or do anything!)...

...and increases the chances of »someone« pressing the wrong button. I found that MSWord auto-recovery functionality doesn’t always get you what you wanted.

David has been developed to the point of being compared to other top products in the field of AI. Here’s the technical specification part of the Aibo vs David comparison table:

Aibo Ers-7 (mind service pack 2) vs. David (Comparison table)

Development time6 years8 months
CPU64bit RISCBrain
Main Memory64MB SDRAMNeural net (unknown capacity)
Additional MemoryFlash, PSMNone
IOCCD camera, stereo microphones (2), speaker, heat sensor, infra-red range finder, acceleration detector, touch sensors, electric static sensor, pressure sensor, vibration sensor…Eyes (2), ears (2), mouth, heat sensors, pressure sensors, taste sensors, acceleration sensors, balance sensors…
Power sourceDC7.2V (Lithium ion battery)Food – any
Power consumption1.5 hours – fully charged3.5 hours – fully fed
Dimensions (l, w, h)319 x 180 x 278 mm (not including tail)120 x 170 x 750 mm (not including hair)
Weight0.3 kg10 kg
Operation temperature5-35 ºC37 ºC