Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Implementing interfaces (ITurnable)

The most important aspect of baby development is the correct and timely implementation of various interfaces in the Human.Babies namespace.

David has just implemented the ITurnable interface today.

namespace Human.Babies
public interface ITurnable
void TurnLeft();
void TurnRight();

Through the magic of abstract classes and inheritance we also get Turning and Turned events to bind on mom. She loves it and I recorded the first build on cam. You might have noticed I haven’t bloged any of the previous interfaces. Eg. yesterday’s post was a result of the IGrabber.GrabObject method. That is because they we’re already implemented at birth. Anyway, here’s a short list:
  • ICute
  • IGrabber
  • IKicker
  • IScreamer
  • IDemandable
  • ILovable

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