Sunday, June 10, 2007

Polyphonic David

Following some late night debugging sessions and feeling like I reached a dead-end I took a break. I browsed around my bookmarks (OT – I’m in the habit of book-marking interesting sites I discover while hunting for something else. Whenever I feel bored hor desperate I go rummaging through that dusty attic to see if there’s anything there to get me going again) and reading through some interesting articles I had an epiphany. It was right there in plain sight. This was the reason David had failed to respond to direct requests. My calls were blocked with no apparent cause – till I put on my reflector glasses. The signature of the main metod call was quite revealing:

public void Execute(CommandObject request) 
& public async Bribe(ISweet sweets)
The calls to the Execute method were stacking up but I failed to call the Bribe method. After this things went smoothly – it looked like anything implementing ISweet would do…
… that is until mom showed up and depreciated the Bribe method.

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