Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lego horror

I came home the other day and to my horror found another lego set box in the middle of the hallway. It's not the legos you see. I love the fact David plays with them. Stimulating young minds and all that. But the box showed – ah just look at it.

Was I wrong at being horrified by this image? How about this one at the side of the box.

Dinosaurs and (what I can only gather are) neatherdals playing together? Is that creationists trying to creep their way in my home? Was it wrong that I sat David down and explained (ok, I'm not saying he got it) that dinos and humans never coexisted in the same period (he just smiled and said diinooo!). I continued railing on about Dinosauria, millions of years of evolution and DNA while mom slowly took him out of the room.

I guess what I’m getting at is that I fail to see significant difference between making sure David is safe from physical harm and making sure he’s safe from intellectual harm. So I’m doing my best on both fronts but the damn legos sure aren’t making things easy.


Danica said...

With a dad like you, he'll be just fine. Otherwise, yes, I agree completely. And I also believe that children must come across with high as well as low quality toys, books and music - this makes it easier for them to tell one from the other. Step by step.

What did you play with at his age? What images were around you? Wasn't there anything wrong with them? I remember believing that the seahorse from the commercial actually did the laundry. It was about faks helizim, a detergent. I even wanted to buy one for my mum. I don't believe that any more. :)

Goran said...

Thank you. I was mostly tearing up my older brother toys :) In a way I must have missed out on most of the make believe stuff as he was always there to explain it all away.