Monday, April 16, 2007

Qrio vs. David

Somehow I’ve missed the news about fare well of QRIO and AIBO. It’s a bit sad really. I’m a part of generation that grew up thinking we’ll be going to work in our flying cars and robots will do most of the household chores. We saw ourselves as the Jetsons and it never occurred to us that what we saw on our TV screens wasn’t (jet) real. Our future was to be the SF future we read about in stories the Futurians wrote (remember Amazing, Astounding? The titles themselves convey the optimism of the era!). Yet we lived to see year 2000 pass as by as uneventful as the year before. There was no space odysseys for us, no trips to the Mars (nor zero gravity … er you know). But no matter - with companies like Sony working on our stuff of dreams there was a chance the next generation might get there. That’s why news like this gets me down.

Anyways – let’s get back to the topic! You might want to take a look at the Aibo / David comparison table. However, David received some major upgrades in the last year so an updated comparison table between David and Qrio was inevitable (due to lack of technical data for Qrio, this one focuses on the features).

Qrio vs. David (Comparison table)

Development time2.5 years1.5 years
Power consumption1 hour – fully charged7.5 hours – fully fed
Height0.6 m0.85 m
Weight7.3 kg13 kg
Top speed23 cm/s40 cm/s
Transportation modeISA powered - independent and stable bipedalQuadpedal / Bipedal modes
FeaturesWireless networkUses wireless network
Precision mechanismAmbiguous mechanism
Pinch detection sensorsPinch avoidance sensors
Quiet constructionLifelike construction
Safety coverSafety covers optional
Shock resistantSelf healing
Obstacle detection sensorsObstacle removal operators
Internal mapping of locationsExternal mapping of locations (mostly with crayons)
Face recognitionFace and food recognition
Own vocabularyShared vocabulary
Autonomous behaviorIndependent behavior
Expressing emotionEmotional being
ExtrasCan dance to choreographyCan spin (to the right)

All in all - I have to say David rulez!

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