Sunday, May 06, 2007

Project failure #1: DadoVac

I had this brilliant idea getting David to do a few house choirs. Considering his ability to break stuff I immediately discarded dishwashing and window washing. So I thought about vacuuming. Seeing how IRobots seem to be the industry leaders I thought I’d check out the competition.
I must say I’ve failed miserably. Here’s a short review:

Vacuums dirt and debris from carpets and hard floorsNot enough surfaces vacuumed to make any analysis
Gets under beds and couches every time it cleansGets under beds and couches all the time
Knows where to clean—and where not toUses random cleaning patterns to catch your dust-balls unprepared
Works great on pet hairLooks cute
Automatically returns to charge itselfAutomatically asks for food when hungry
Try Roomba for yourself, with 30-day risk-free guaranteeNo refund

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